«States of Nature», Nick Turner

Saint Laurent Rive Droite avec the(M) éditions

Written by the artist nickturnerstudio himself, “Nature is an immense power, a vast and formidable energy in front of which humans are incredibly vulnerable. Humans are part of the larger ecosystem of the natural world that is immeasurable. Making the beauty of this contrast visible and tangible is a central part of my work and represents the point of view of these images.” The binding is essentially hybrid, since it is a combination of thread sewn and perfect bound. Done by agia.2.0. The slipcase is produced by kilsdonkpackaging and Verhil Foilprint. ‘State of Nature’ Published by SLRD Editions in a limited edition of 300 copies Curated by Anthony Vaccarello For Saint Laurent Rive Droite In Conjunction with Nick Turner Exhibition and event taking place in May 2022 in Saint Laurent Rive Droite stores Paris and Los Angeles State Of Nature is now available in the library of Saint Laurent Rive Droite online and in both Paris and LA stores. Curated by Anthony Vaccarello and Published  limited edition of 300 copies.

Équipe projet
— Élise Muchir
— Franklin Desclouds
En collaboration avec
— Marie Sepchat, the(M) éditions
— Robstolk Amsterdam pour l'Impression

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